Hi! I’m Sam Clements.

You can find me on Mastodon at @borntyping@hachyderm.io or email me at sam@borntyping.co.uk.

I use this site to publish a list of books I recommend and occasionally write blog posts about things I’ve been working on.

Professional work

You can find me at Sam Clements on LinkedIn.

I’m a software engineer with a history of developing internal tooling for engineering teams. I’ve worked in teams labeled “devops”, “operations”, “infrastructure”, and “developer experience”; but always with the goal of making my peers more effective.

I’m at my best when working on tools for other engineers, and have broad experience across projects that have included complex CI/CD pipelines, web applications, REST APIs, dependency and release management services, infrastructure-as-code deployments, and automated test suites.

I’m an expert Python programmer, and pick up languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Rust, Java, and Ruby as and when I need to.

Open source work

You can find me at @borntyping on GitHub and at @borntyping on GitLab.

I list some of my open source projects and contributions on the Open source projects page on this site.

Most of the useful projects are small Python libraries or applications that aim to “do one thing well”. Some highlights:

I’ve recently been working on some tiny web-apps for Final Fantasy 14: