Infinitum: Sara

I retired to Mesa-1:Luma after eight years in the Marines. I piloted a dropship, a Model 4 Deminutio - “Sara”. Got shot to pieces, and me with it. I was deemed unfit for duty, and poor Sara was consigned to the robofac scrapheap - well, I couldn’t let that happen, so I brought her off the TA with me retirement money, and got her refitted.

Got rid of all the weaponry, and the fancy systems - most of them were dead, anyways - and made her a bit more comfy, and stocked it with civilian grade flightsuits. And with that, I set up on Luma, flying people into orbit and letting them make the jump back to sea.

Luma’s a great planet for this kinda sport. Small, with as dense atmosphere, low gravity, and it’s almost entirely sea,. Man made islands and structures making up most of the land mass - it’s a really popular holiday resort, with plenty of people passing though to and from the TA Core systems.

Not many people get to try jumping out a dropship, not without several years of military service, and so I pull a pretty good business. Brilliantly relaxing - all I do is fly up, watch my passengers jump out, and land again.

And the sights, they never get old. You watch a group of brightly coloured specks jump down to sea as the sun falls below the horizon, and you tell me it’s not something you couldn’t do forever.