Aleph, version 1.1.0

Aleph version 1.1 brings the CallbackBot class, which is now the default instance of Aleph.

It’s the first version that allows a bot to be made without subclassing any of the core classes and can be instantiated using only the configuration.

The ‘callbacks’ config item should be a list or other iterable of tuples containing (message, function), where message is a string or list of strings that name Message types - when one of these message types is generated by an incoming message, the function is called with the Message instance.

Example script:


import aleph

bot = aleph.Aleph({
    'nick' : 'AlephExampleBot',

    'servers' : [{
        'id': 'AFNet',
        'address': '',
        'channels': ['#aleph']

    'callbacks' : [
        ('PRIVATE', lambda message: message.reply('Oh my!')),
        ('PRIVMSG', lambda message: message.reply('Hello!')),