Aleph, version 2.0.0

Version 2 of the Aleph library has been released - a large jump in version numbers, but justified by a rewrite of most of the library. The library now follows the reactor pattern - inspired in part by a wish to make the library more compatible with a user oriented interface, as opposed to a bot that requires no (local) user input to run.

Rewriting it to use event handlers and a reactor allowed the use of things I was not able to attempt before - such as having an event handler for STDIN, so that user can interact with the program locally. User input is currently very simple - all it does is exit on any STDIN input event - but has potential for far more interesting applications.

The use of event handlers mean that individual client objects now handle each message, not the core object. This both sandboxes clients so that they can’t access data from the other clients, and would let you run multiple client handlers using completely different code for each (not that I can actually think of a use for that…).

There’s very little in the way of other new features, though the next few versions should introduce more in order to better support strategy.