Open Source

These are the Open Source projects that I have written and maintain. The majority of these projects use GitHub’s issue tracker - bug reports and feature requests are welcome on any of these projects. If you do not have a GitHub account, or otherwise need to contact me, you can email me at More information on the status of these projects can be found on my status page.


Python libraries

Configuration management

Toys, games and prototypes

Other prototypes and experiments can be found under borntyping-sandbox on GitHub.

Programs and components I built at university, as part of a prototype “reactive” monitoring tool:


These are some of the projects I have contributed to:

Several of my above projects were built specifically for DataSift while I worked there:

Unmaintained projects

These are incomplete or unmaintained projects. Most of them are either deprecated by a better project, or were written a long time ago. I no longer maintain any of these projects, but feel free to ask questions or otherwise contact me about them.