Further notes on Void

In addition to the talk I actually gave at the Show and Tell event, I had an original set of notes I had planned to follow, though I tend not to work very well with scripted talks, and so followed my more familiar path of making it up as I went along in the end.

What is Void?

Void is a plan for an open source space game, with a focus on cooperative gameplay and storytelling. It’ll mix elements of more traditional space games (such as X3), with more unique games such as Artemis, and try and do things in new ways.

Why will Void be Open Source?

Or “Why am I here to talk about my ideas?

Because I want to open source it - which means looking for people who would be interested in working on the project. As an open source game, it can also me made far more accessible to modders and people who want to make their own games and stories with it. It’s not a project for a single person - both because of the technical work required, and because it’s a project that will work far better with multiple people contributing ideas to it.

I’m also here because it’s a good opportunity for me to get some input on my ideas - while presenting it to friends helps a little, then tend to be a little biased! So, please be open about what you think, even if you just want to tell me that the idea isn’t very good, or won’t take off, or has been done before. Though even better than that, if you have thoughts on how these ideas can be improved,

What does Void hope to do?

It’s a lot to aim for - maybe not all of it will end up in the final game - but this is why I’m hoping to find people who are interested in contributing to a project like this, so that it actually has a chance of going somewhere. Again - if you think I should be doing things differently, your ideas are very welcome.

Where do I plan to go from here?

My main plan at the moment is to try and provide a demo of the game software, at the very simple level of a game server, connected to pilot and viewer seats. I’m still looking for the best engines to use, mostly for the client side rendering. I’m hoping to be able to use python - at least in part - for the project, as it’s both a language I know well, and it’s easy for contributors to learn and work with.